International Media Collaboration

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International Media Collaboration

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From media production skills to multi-platform storytelling and industry research, our Masters students can produce a wide variety of content for digital output.

Student Insights

# Students Degree Field of Study Collaboration Period (days) International Students (%)
20 Master Journalism, Visual Arts, Communication Science 88 25


In this course students collaborate with international partners to co-create an innovative media project with a global reach, extending their expertise in global communication, storytelling, production and delivery innovations, and intercultural awareness.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Collaborate remotely and efficiently with professionals from different backgrounds and with different skills
  • Produce sophisticated media or journalistic items with a sensitivity to their global context
  • Add value to projects by volunteering their own expertise and insights
  • Critically evaluate projects with regard to international focus, cross-media integration and ethical and aesthetic qualities
  • Critically reflect on the challenges and benefits of international collaboration

Expected solution proposals

Our media students produce innovative media projects including documentary videos, social media content, interactive stories, podcasts and other forms of digital storytelling.


Students use a practice-based research methodology to extend knowledge about their media production processes. Their work is informed by theory and contemporary media practices. They produce innovative media content, and take into consideration concepts to do with storytelling, aesthetics and technology.

Top Competencies

Collaboration Creativity Social and Cultural Awareness

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