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The faculty of Business & Economic Studies of the UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) is looking for real-world challenges as part of their course’ syllabus. Master students in Business Administration will be working and collaborating virtually in teams of 3-6 during with challenge sponsores as part of their challenge-based learning experience.

Student Insights

# Students Degree Field of Study Collaboration Period (days) International Students (%)
15 Master Business, Economics 119 25


The master’s degree provides advanced knowledge related to the main challenges that professionals face and assume in management positions in organizations. Examples include globalization, the impact and use of technology, i.e. digitalization, talent management, and the search for economic, ecological and environmental sustainability coupled to a social organization.


In this company project the participating students complete a long process of maturation of knowledge and skills linked to the world of the company. The proposed real-world challenges allow to synthesize and model their experience to solve complex problems.

Expected solution proposals

Once the solving period is completed student teams will present one or more solutions to the problem posed. The solutions will vary depending on the nature of the challenge but one of the following solutions or a combination of them is to be expected:

– SWOT analysis of the company, and its subsequent CAME analysis. At departmental or global level.

– benchmarking of the competitive position of the company.

– Innovative, diverse and complementary solutions to the proposed challenges.


The proposed methodology will be that of teamwork and the practical application of the following competences:

– Ability to efficiently manage organizations, with and without profit, in complex, dynamic and highly competitive environments, through the definition and elaboration of strategic plans, so that they are sustainable from an economic, environmental and social point of view

– Ability to promote the generation of intellectual capital as a key element for the management of organizations in the knowledge economy, through the implementation of organizational learning strategies, processes of continuous improvement, and the adaptation of excellent management models

– Ability to manage the organizational consequences derived from economic globalization, through the design of new business models and the elaboration of international strategies

– Ability to promote the innovative potential of people and the organization as a whole, promoting projects for the definition, design and improvement of products, processes and the organization itself

– Ability to attract, develop and retain the talent of people in the organization through value management, using high performance work practices and promoting flexible work environments

The work will be supervised by an expert professor from the University who will manage and mark the guidelines of the different stages of the report.

Top Competencies

Collaboration Communication Critical thinking / Problem-solving

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