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the Academic Business Cloud

The Academic Business Cloud provides standardised processes that accelerate and scale “University – Business Collaboration”. Sign up and create a single hub for challenge-based activities with academia and strategic Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition approach.


Create and manage your Challenges with ease.

Create and manage your challenges from any device and keep track of all challenge-based activities within your organisation in a unified view.


Find the right Call for Challenges

Browse the marketplace for the most appealing Call for Challenges. Look for course profiles and respective students to tackle the challenges from your organisation, regardless of geography and timezone.


Make complex work feel easy and natural

Keep student teams on-task and focused. Define objectives, goals and challenge rules, creating a framework to operate within for the group of students. Furthermore, you and the student teams can manage, assign and change a task’s status so everyone works towards the same overall goal.


Comment Milestones

Milestones set out in the course structure by the professor provide a perfect interaction point. Students can submit mid-term assignments and get feedback on progress and course taken.


Review valuable contributions to the solution and proposals

The Review & Award process is a joint task which addresses insights from both the academy and industry perspectives. With TELANTO you have a unique communication channel at your disposal that allows to evaluate the best solution, team and individual.


Manage your Talent pool

Talent circles is a completely novel way to manage student profiles and competence information for your hiring purposes. Universities may choose to provide talent circles for all students, however only the students that have been part of your challenge-based collaboration show up with “endorsed” skills and competencies.


Manage your university alliances in a single spot

Whether you tap into TELANTOs growing Global Academic Business Network to access talents, or including your existing alliances into the mix is up to you. Manage all your challenge-based collaboration activities in a strategic way and in a single spot.