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Duvenbeck Group

“TELANTO is a very innovative way of getting my challenges solved in a fraction of time and financial resources. Not to mention the impact on Employer Branding to an international cohort of students.”  Optimisation of transport network and delivery schedule The challenge: With a specific need to optimise the transportation network to increase speed and reduce cost, Duvenbeck was looking to identify new approaches to an recurringly arising challenge with a clear impact on bottom line results and customer satisfaction. Additional considerations to lower carbon impact through better utilisation of available freight space as well as the optimisation of an integrated data flow between enterprise resource planning systems, went into the overall challenge description. Re-framing the challenge: With a great deal of interest we had


“The virtually managed collaboration with a team of students was the perfect way of

With TELANTO's cloud solution I can challenge young talents worldwide with sophisticated


“We went to see the university

Grow For It

We consider Telanto a second-to-none opportunity! With a global and academically widespread reach we have faith that interdisciplinary and