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“The virtually managed collaboration with a team of students was the perfect way of tackling Somfy’s “Arbeitswelt 2025” (Future of work 2025) challenge. The productive engagement resulted in an important visibility study, that marked the starting point for many new initiatives for Somfy as an innovative employer.”  The Challenge Growing revenues and a positive business outlook drives the need and hiring for additional employees. In sight of changing work-models, a smart approach to offer employees office space and possibilities to flexibly use facilities or their home office was required. Somfy needed to build visibility on board level for the “Arbeitswelt 2025” (Future of work 2025) project and required analytical insights particularly regarding the social implications, technical feasibility and others, for employees working from home. A team

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TELANTO gave us the possibility to apply our theoretical knowledge and competences

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We found an easy and scalable way to collaborate with universities around the globe on IoT and business subject.