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Academic Business Cloud for Open Innovation Managers

View your Open Innovation Contributors

Visualize contributors within your strategic challenge-based OI initiative

Strengthen your Open Innovation initiatives by adding academia into the mix. With TELANTO you can manage all your challenge-based activities be it from academic or non-academic contributors.


Professor + Seeker

Keep student teams on-task and focused. Define objectives, milestones and challenge rules, creating a framework to operate within for the group of students. Furthermore, you and the student teams can manage, assign and change a task’s status so everyone works towards the same overall goal.


Make complex work feel easy and natural

Have professors and company seekers share their opinions about the solution proposals. Make the REVIEW & AWARD process a joint task which addresses insights from both the academy and industry perspectives. With TELANTO you have a unique communication channel at your disposal that allows to evaluate the best solution, team or individual.